Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Very First Craft Show Is Coming Up Fast

September 3, 2011 is a day I am both anticipating and dreading. It is the day of the Summer's End Festival in Hagersville, Ontario. My mother, who is also a knitter, and I made the decision last week to sign up for our very first craft show. The table fee was very reasonable so we decided to finally do it. It is something we have talked of and dreamed about for many years but we never got around to making enough inventory to actually sign up and do one. Now that I run Stitches In Time I have some inventory on hand, even though a lot of what I sell is made to order. My mum has been making things in the hope of one day selling them so together we will *hopefully* have enough to run a successful table at the show. I have been knitting like a fiend, staying up late and working till my hands cramp attempting to have a large supply of quality, hand knit goods on hand for the show.

I have been focusing on making small things like slippers, hats and mittens, and a few toys as these are the things I think will sell the best. My mum is also making hats, scarves and some sweaters. I am really excited and I can't believe we are finally doing this. But I am scared too! What if we are there all day and no one buys anything? It would be so embarrassing and disheartening. It is a new festival, so I can't even begin to estimate how many people will even show up.

I have told my husband that he will have to bear with me, the house is a bit of a mess and the laundry isn't done as often, because I am really focused on being ready for this show. I hope that it turns out well and that it is the first of many successful shows Mum and I will do together.

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