Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Letter to Ebay

Dear Ebay

  I liked your site. You had a great idea and you capitalized on it and created a great product. You took the world by storm and you were king of online shopping. I have bought many things from you and have sung your praises to all my friends. You were my fallback site that I went to every time I needed to order something that I couldn't find locally. I was so happy with our relationship.

 Yes you read that right. I am speaking in the past tense of how much I loved you. Because you see, in the last year or so something changed. You became mercenary. You stopped caring about offering a unique product to the public and you only care about making more money. The funny thing is, you are being cheated and we both know it. You have been allowing sellers to charge exorbiant amounts for shipping while charging minimal amounts for the product. This is called fee avoidance and it is rampant on your site. I refuse to believe that it costs anyone $18 to ship a DVD to Canada from the U.S. Unless the seller is wrapping it in gold leaf and having it hand delivered by courier, there is no way that it costs more than$8-$10 to send light packets to Canada. It's very likely that it only costs $4 and I am being extremely generous about packing and handling charges in my estimate. And it's not just DVD sellers. Vendors of pet medicine, small car parts, clothing, shoes and many other catagories are also doing this. It has been going on for a long time now and you must be well aware of it. You are losing money and customers by allowing this to continue and I don't understand why you allow it. Do you not want to expend time and energy policing these sellers? Do you only care about collecting listing fees from these sellers and forgoing your percentage fees in favour of allowing these sellers to list more and more items? I just don't understand your reasoning. Because of this ongoing issue, I have stopped buying from Ebay. That's right dear Ebay, it is time we parted company. It is very difficult for me, as I loved you dearly. But I just cannot support you or your sellers by participating in this scam.

  For what it is worth, I really thought you had it in you to take care of this problem. But it seems that I misread you and you really don't care about your customers. Good bye Ebay, it was great while it lasted and I will miss you greatly.