Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Etsy "D Listers" have united!

HippyChicBoutique and Soulstone321 ( and ) put out the call on the Etsy forums for all sellers struggling with little or no sales to form a team to support and encourage one another. Within a few hours they had over one hundred responders! The team list has been submitted to Etsy for approval and a blog and message board have been started at, respectively, and The more people we get interested in this, the better it is for everyone!

Lots of new Etsians find the Etsy universe difficult to understand and navigate. There is A LOT of info out there and it can be really daunting for beginners. The D list team and the D list blog and messageboard will be a repository of knowledge catering especially to Etsy newcomers. That first sale can be the hardest, and most awaited sale to get. Etsy has a feature that helps bring new and not so new sellers with no sales to the attention of shoppers, but once you have that first sale Pounce is no longer useful and getting a subsequent sales can be challenging. The D List team leaders propose to start Treasuries to feature fellow team mates to boost their views and sales.

I am looking forward with optimism to being a member of this new team and I hope success finds all of my new team mates!!


MaritimeArts said...

What a great idea. Good luck. Even with a few more sales Etsy can be hard to figure out sometimes :-)

cappy sue creations said...

oh what a wonderful idea :)