Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hello World!

A blinking cursor on a blank field is so intimidating. There are so many ideas bouncing around in my head and I've lots of interesting things to say(I hope!!) yet the endless possiblities of a blank page are stifling. This blog is a new direction for me. I have tossed the idea of starting one around for a few weeks, being encouraged to do so by my fellow Etsians. I am a crafter starting up an Etsy business from scratch, working 'round the clock trying to get it off the ground. It kinda feels like shouting at the moon though, one tiny speck trying to get noticed amidst countless other tiny specks. So how do I make myself noticable? Blogging of course!
This past month on Etsy has gone by in such a whirlwind of new information, new contacts, new ideas and new prospects. I feel like I have taken a crash course in marketing, web design, graphic design and business management!! I am leap years ahead of where I was last month, I just can't grasp how much I have grown and developed in the space of thirty days. Even if I never sell another thing on Etsy, this experience has granted me a new vision of myself and my life. I went from a house bound bordem stricken stay at home mum to an entreprenurial business owner and there is no going back!! I am so proud of myself for what I have accomplished this month and it has really given me a much needed boost of self esteem and self confidence. I can do this!! I can market myself and my skills and I can be successful!! Watch out world, Stitches In Time is here! (cliche I know, but c'mon, I'm on a roll here!!)

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