Monday, September 21, 2009

Suo Gan

I watched "Empire Of The Sun" yesterday afternoon and have had "Suo Gan" playing in my head ever since. I don't speak Welsh so I had no idea what the words were so I looked it up on Wikipedia. The haunting melody is perfectly suited for a song about a mother's love, a child's mother watching her baby sleep in her arms.

The English Translation:

Sleep my baby, at my breast,
’Tis a mother’s arms round you.
Make yourself a snug, warm nest.
Feel my love forever new.
Harm will not meet you in sleep,
Hurt will always pass you by.
Child beloved, always you’ll keep,
In sleep gentle, mother’s breast nigh.
Sleep in peace tonight, sleep,
O sleep gently, what a sight.
A smile I see in slumber deep,
What visions make your face bright?
Are the angels above smiling,
At you in your peaceful rest?
Are you beaming back while in
Peaceful slumber on mother’s breast?
Do not fear the sound, it’s a breeze
Brushing leaves against the door.
Do not dread the murmuring seas,
Lonely waves washing the shore.
Sleep child mine, there’s nothing here,
While in slumber at my breast,
Angels smiling, have no fear,
Holy angels guard your rest

This song is particularly poignant when sung by a boys choir as it was in the movie.

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