Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nine Sites I Like And Why

As a car free stay at home mum in a small town the Internet has increasingly become my portal to the world. When I need information, recreation, inspiration or conversation I turn to the Internet to fill my needs. My Internet routine often includes the following sites because they are current, helpful and user friendly.

Wikipedia ( Containing user submitted content about everything from A to Z and then some, Wikipedia is my first stop for information. If I have a question about a country, religion, culture, person or object, Wikipedia invariably has an answer for me. I am the type of person who would read a hard copy encyclopedia just for fun, so Wikipedia is a frequent stop on my Internet journeys.

WebMD ( As any parent knows, kids can come up with a lot of different symptoms: rashes, sore throats, funny looking bruises, bumps, lumps and fevers. WebMD is a great place to find general medical information to educate yourself about the possible causes. It has a handy symptom checker and can make educated suggestion about what the problem might be and has a checklist of topics to ask your doctor about.

iVillage ( My favourite online hangout, iVillage offers message boards for any topic from parenting to love and relationships to TV and books. It also hosts blogs from female writers on Blogher and offers articles on style and fashion, decorating, health and wellness and child raising.

Facebook ( Who doesn't love Facebook? It is such an easy way to keep in touch with family and friends and it allows you to upload and share photos in a quick and easy manner. I also have a Facebook Fan Page for my business( so I can contact and inform potential customers. Facebook also has a lot of fun applications that are great for killing time. Want to be a Mafia Boss, own a farm or make the top score in Bejewelled? They are all available for free on Facebook!

Etsy ( A marketplace featuring handmade and vintage items from independent vendors. Sometime compared to Ebay, but not an auction site, Etsy allows people to run home based businesses and buy and sell unique handmade items from around the world. Free to sign up and it only costs $0.20 to list an item, Etsy is very reasonable and extremely user friendly. No computer genius required!

The Weather Network ( Up to the minute weather forecasts and weather news, this site allows you to place a cookie on your home town's weather page so you can always access the latest weather data at the click of your mouse.

Surf The Channel ( This site is a cache of links to online videos. Catch all your favourite TV shows and movies and upload your own videos. I like to use this site to watch TV shows from Britain that are hard to find here.

Rotten Tomatoes ( Detailed movie reviews from published critics, I always check this site before choosing a movie to go see. It features a "Tomatometer" that indicates the "freshness" of a movie based on reviews. I've never been disappointed with a review from Rotten Tomatoes, they are always spot on!

Photobucket ( This site is a free online photo editor. Upload your photos and get links to share them with your friends or turn them into signatures for your email or your favourite message boards. Free photo editing is included.

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