Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Day of J.K

Since I'm pretty much the only one who reads this blog I can feel free to indulge my pre-occupation with my eldest son starting school tomorrow. I don't know how to feel about this, as I am partly dismissive towards any inclination to become emotional about it since the term "school" is used loosely here. He is 4 years old and is starting Junior Kindergarten, which to my mind is just a glorified daycare. Yet, he is taking the very first baby step towards a 20+ year period of his life. Just think, when he is completely finished his schooling he will be an adult!! This is his very first day of two decades of education!! It is mind boggling. He is still so little and so innocent.
I was hesitant to enroll him in JK to begin with. I don't like the idea of children being in school before the age of 6, but in this area most children start day care at a year old or younger so I didn't want him to be the only one with limited social skill and no classroom experience. I felt that he needed the socialization that a J.K class can give him, despite my concerns about him being away from home so much when he is still so very young. I am looking forward to some down time with my youngest, lately things have been very chaotic and dramatic with both of them home and me trying to start up my business. I am anticipating some peace and quiet!! But it will be tinged with regret. The school is only two blocks away, he will be near and I will drop him off and pick him up. The hours between will go quickly I think.
Lord help me if I cry tomorrow. I will be so embarassed!!! It is an unlikely event....I will update with photos tomorrow.

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